Sunday, February 5, 2012

Things I know about Kittenheart

39 weeks tomorrow, still no signs of baby. I alternate between feeling pretty good and then also feeling GIGANTIC, uncomfortable, achey and impatient. Definitely impatient. I'm ready to meet this baby and be able to lay on my back again.

Things that I already know about the Kittenbaby....

-She likes when I eat grape jelly

-She consistently has a heartrate of 130bpm

-She recongnizes our voices and Eileen's meows

-She sleeps from 11am or so every day until about 2pm. It's nice because I get a brief window of not getting kicked and nudged constantly

-She does jazz hands and what feels like a boxstep simultaneously, all day long when she's awake. All day long. All day and ALL NIGHT LONG.

I really am looking forward to meeting this little person and not being beat up from within anymore will be a very nice perk. It's very interesting how you can feel such affection already for someone you've technically never even met yet!

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