Sunday, January 22, 2012

37 weeks: last weekend shift at work

37 weeks! My last Sunday at work (I still work short shifts this coming week though)! The belly is fairly gigantic and attracts a lot of comments. It's funny because when I'm lying down at the Doctor's, the belly technically is "measuring small" but when I stand up, it looks huuuge because the Kittenheart has lodged herself in a "head down, butt sticking straight out, feet against my guts" position. There is a tiny baby butt sticking straight out at all times.

On Sundays, I work from 8am till about 5:30 or 6pm at the Yoga studio. It's a long day at the best of times. Even longer as I get more and more pregnant and now SUPER LONG today when I'm full-term pregnant (yay!) but sick with a terrible cold (not yay!) ...

Things that are amusing and help the day go by:

Shocking people with my giant belly when I come around the counter. I don't think I generally seem that pregnant from the boobs up, so people often can't tell that I'm pregnant at first glance. I don't have much of a waddle until the end of the day when my lower back/sciatic flares up and I go from being normal limber to barely able to move.

Snacks. So many snacks.

Discovering what kind of random lunch/snacks that Lowell packs for me. Example, today I went into bag that he packed for me and discovered a yogurt, a spoon, a whole apple zipped into its own ziplock (? lol) and a ziplock full of Fudgee-Os. I'll probably have to venture downstairs for actual lunch.


Friday, January 13, 2012


ONLY 30 DAYS TO GO!!! WOOP WOOP WOOP! I have to admit, I cannot wait. I am ready to meet this baby!

Yesterday, I went to visit Alice, who is MERE DAYS away from her due date. I am both super excited and mildly jealous of her. I hit a wall this week and I am so ready to not be pregnant anymore. My belly feels heavy, my lower back/sciatica is acting up, I'm having a terrible time getting comfortable in general and especially when trying to sleep so I'm cranky at work, cranky on the commute home, cranky to Lowell, cranky to the cats...

But anyway. Alice's baby is almost here! It's exciting and I'm spoiled with being in the position of being due after her. Alice, I will want to hear all about it, spare no gory details that you're willing to share. :D

It's definitely been nice having someone to chat with who is going through the same process. I'm really glad we were able to re-connect... and I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET THE BABIES and no.t be. pregnant. anymore.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Basics that we still need...oops

Before we moved apartments recently and after our shower, I remember thinking "Oh my gawd, the baby has SO MUCH STUFF". And she did. Stroller, carseat, bouncy chair, high chair, clothes, toys, diapers, (count 'em... not one or two but) THREE costumes/Halloween outfits.... her *ahem* pink Cadillac.... Lots of stuff. LOTS. But now that we're down to basically ONE MONTH until d-date, I'm realizing that I dropped the ball and there are some important basics that we still need. Oops.

After weeks of doing bassinet research and taking into account all the SIDS info we got at Baby class and from the Doc, I kinda went insane about specifics. (I won't preach about them here). I'm also picky and don't want anything ugly. WHy are so many bassinets stupid and FRILLY? Barf. So it took weeks but we finally picked out a bassinet... But still have to order it.

I also need newborn sized diapers, an actual changing pad for our dresser/changing table, a tub, boobs pads and probably a few more practical (vs. adorable) sleepers. Just these "few" things and then, yeah sure, why not, let's have a baby! :D

We're probably going to try to do a cloth and disposable diaper combo. I'm debating about Bummis vs G Diapers. But that's a whole other discussion and bloggy entry right there....

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

first random updates of 2012!

Happy New Year!

Random updates.....

Had a check-up today. Up 2lbs from two weeks ago, which is a good amount apparently. Yay for a growing Kittenheart and not my fat butt ! Apparently her kittenhead is nice and upside down in the pelvis now, which is good for everyone except for my bladder and lazy aching back at night time.

My newest craving is not for a particular food or drink... I WANT SO BADLY TO COMFORTABLY BE ABLE TO LIE ON MY STOMACH. And also to put my body into a full wheel pose ( Essentially like doing a "bridge" when you were a kid) and proper upward dog in yoga.

Eileen recently peed on my favourite knee-high leather boots. Boots that took me well over 6 years to find!!! And she also peed on my purple purse. I told her that I wasn't speaking to her and that she wasn't welcome in the bed last night. She somehow understood as she didn't sleep in the bed on her baby for the first time in like, 30 weeks. See, she's smart and understands English. But dumb and likes to pee on things even when nothing is medically wrong with her.

I think I will spurlge and finally purchase a maternity coat. I've been spoiled and it hasn't been cold in T.O..... until this past week. I'm sick of busting my zipper open or feeling like I'm suffocating if I put on too many layers underneath the coat.

New Year's Resolutions? Don't got any yet, but I'll keep you all posted!