Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rowen, Momma et Bax

Rowen looked particularly happy and was  adorably dressed one day last week.  So we had to take some pictures!
Excuse me, but why does she look like a toddler in that first photo?  
Let's pause with the growing up too fast for just a little bit, Baby!

Bax wanted in on the photoshoot

Rowen love her Baxter-Meow

Between a wiggly Rowen, squirmy Baxter-cat and blinking Momma (and blurry photo taking Daddy) it's pretty much impossible to get a perfect shot!

My Babies!
Hmm, pretty much perfect actually.  

Monday, October 29, 2012

I made a legwarmer for mah Baby!!!

I don't remember when exactly I learned to knit.  I'm definitely not very good at it and only have very, very basic skills.  Every single woman in my family seems to know how to knit,,, I vaguely learning at my Aunt's house in Ottawa when I was 6 or 7.  We used to go visit every summer and winter vacation and I remember my Aunt always having a full itinerary of activities to keep us all busy. I pretty much forgot about knitting until a few years ago when a friend re-taught me and "re-activated" my knitting skillllz.

Anyway, much like Rowen's ugly scarf, her legwarmers were a little DIY project I decided to try winging.  I didn't look for a pattern online since I don't really know how to read patterns anyway and how hard would knitting a tapered tube be anyway right?   :P

So after a couple of false starts and quite a few nights of staying up waaaay too late hours after Rowen went to sleep, I finally made ONE LEGWARMER!  And it actually fit the Baby and there were (well, almost) no mistakes!!!  What!

Now I just need to keep the ol' crappy attention span together and try to replicate this and knit her another one.  And then we shall have legwarmers!  Legwarmers turn out to be a surprisingly practical Baby accessory for chillier mornings lounging around at home.... because who wants to deal with pants unnecessarily, right?  Those precious seconds add up when you're trying to change a wiggly, rolling Rowen's diaper!  I also think they will be good for cold weather layering over her tights and leggings.  Unlike her scarf, there are actually lots of cute (perhaps slightly overpriced) baby legwarmers out there,,, but I wanted to challenge myself with this little project.

Yeah, there are mistakes and it may look a little bit amateur hour, but I'm kind of pleased with myself for actually sticking to it and making something for my Baby! I feel proud to have made something for  her!

My goal is another legwarmer in just one week! Which in theory is plenty of time, but you try knitting while taking care of an 8 month old.   So let's see if I can do it!  Wish me luck!  :D

Friday, October 26, 2012

Rowen at the Pumpkin Patch

This week, we took a trip to the pumpkin patch.  
(I'm pretty sure the "Baby and Pumpkin" photo op is one of those Top 10 Must Have Photographs with Baby, right?  )
I think it is safe to say that Rowen had a pretty good time and we definitely got a couple of "Baby and Pumpkin" shots!

I have very fond memories of going to choose pumpkins every October with my Mom, so it was fun going to the very same farm with Rowen.  Since we live in a condo, we decided not to bring home any biggie pumpkins, but we did pick out a little pie pumpkin. 

Rowen didn't really understand what the pumpkins were...but she seemed very amused by the abundance of strange, orange guys everywhere.


Standing up on her own!  Or well, propped up against a pumpkin technically.

Farm made jam was on sale since open season is coming to an end.   We picked out a raspberry jelly (my pick), strawberry rhubarb (Lowell's pick) and took a gamble on pumpkin jam.  OHMAHGAWD, pumpkin jam turned out to be the most delicious stuff ever.  I don't want to ever stop eating it. 

Along with the jam and little pumpkin, we picked up some veggies and a box of butter tarts.  We tried a tart and had some hot apple cider when we were at the farm...and as we were pulling out of the parking lot, we decided to run back in to grab a box of tarts.

Yay Farm!  It's pretty awesome that we can take our little urban Baby to the country in just over half an hour's drive.  I'm looking forward to taking her berry picking and back to the pumpkin patch again next year!

Photos: This week....Momma's snacks, Baby feet, Pumpkin preview

Lemon meringue donut from Gloryhole Doughnuts!

Wookie Balls at The Rivoli!  Hadn't been there in yeeeeears but had dinner there with Annie last week, for old times sake.  Still yummy!

Baked "mac n' cheese" with giant shells and farm cauliflower... mmmm

Auntie Angela and Mama Sweeting got Rowen some new books, a closet monster and a pink pail that is now her new favourite game: "put toys, cellphones, books, remote controls, etc inside the pail, remove each item one at a time, turn pail over and use as drum"

We went to the Pumpkin Patch!
 It's kind of a Baby/Parenting rite of passage, right?
More pumpkin photos to come soon!

Bax love <3

The BEST toes!  I can't get over these little toes!

We enjoy being barefoot...but sometimes, we have to put little purple mary janes on the Baby, right?

Yeesh, and now it's 3a.m. and it's time for this Momma to go to bed.  This recent insomnia is ridiculous....Admittedly, I have always been a night owl and bad sleeper.  There's  just always so much to do and I've been having trouble shutting down.  Rowen goes to bed between 7:15 and 8:00p.m. every night and I tell myself to be in bed too within the next few hours.  "Go to bed by 10pm!  Okay 11...  Or maybe 11:30... okay, okay midnight at the latest!"

 But it never happens!  I do enjoy these hours when Rowen is sleeping soundly and the time is mine.  I can relax and not be on Momma-alert for a while... but then I start cleaning, I start watching something on T.V., I stay up to throw in another load of laundry, eat some snacks, drink some tea, go on the computer, keep working on the legwarmers I'm attempting to knit for the Baby and then oh crap, all of a sudden it's 2a.m. and my reliable no fail wake-up call is in less than 4 hours oh crap to go bed now!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Last year, Annie and Jody threw us an amazing Baby Shower.
What an awesome lovely day!

I was very adamant that I didn't want silly diaper sniffing (wasteful) or baby food eating (ick) games!  I just wanted to have lots and lots of food for everyone to eat.  I decided I wanted to have everyone decorate cupcakes and Jody also arranged for everyone to help decorate onesies.  What a cool idea, right?

Jenn and Jaden decorating cupcakes.

So many onesies!  

Rowen's slowly making her way through them.... the other day, she wore the one that Jaden decorated.  I'm sure you can spot it above.   SO MANY COLOURS!!!

Ooh I love these toes!

And hey, what's the deal with baby clothing sizes?  I find the "6 - 12 months" size particularly aggravating because it's such a big range.  At 8 months, Rowen fits into a Baby Gap and Joe Fresh 6 - 12 but the 12-18 is huuuuuge.  What happens when she outgrows 6-12?  Why don't more brands do a 3, 6, 9, 12 sizing right?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

File under : Thank God Mommy wasn't home...

Uh, I came across this photo from what looks like a few weeks ago (judging by the fact that Rowen's seafoam kitty onesie still fit and her hairdo)...

File this photo under: Oh my God, Thank Goodness Mommy wasn't home because the Baby is eating a drumstick while jumping in the Jolly Jumper.

Sweet Jesus.

And Baxter with his back turned while baby-sitting! 
 Come on Boys, I expected better.

Friday, October 19, 2012

8 months and 5 days

Rowen is 8 months and 5 days!  
(A few days late with the posting this month, oops)

Proud owner of the ugliest little scarf ever and two brand new teeth!  

I knitted this scarf a few nights ago after finding that everything in the stores right now were tacky and/or ugly! (Or overpriced for this Momma's budget)

She now has two tiny little half-teeth on their way out...  I think they were bugging her a bit since they showed up at the same time.  Her poor little gums looked really sore, but she was a superstar!!  She was extra cuddly and drooling for a few days, but she was also sick with her first cold :( around the same time so the cuddliness may have been due to that...

Very intently studying the button on my coat the other day...

Fascinated and kinda solemn about this whole button business...

She's pretty much the sweetest, smartest little thing ever.  I love watching her study and analyze everything these days, figuring things out and watching her thought process amazes and amuses me to no end.  I love you, Rowen Baby!  

Thursday, October 18, 2012


I'm learning to use Pinterest....

I've always been behind the times with these social media gadget type thingies.  It took me years to learn Twitter when it first came about.  Same with Facebook actually.  Anyway, I'm still trying to figure out what kind of use I have for "pinning" things... So far, it's become an elaborate Wishlist of sorts.  I love creating a fantasy wardrobe for the Rowen baby.  I just love dressing her up!

Here I am on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/zoechik/  Come "follow" me or take a look.  So far, I'm refusing to get into the downward spiral black hole of "pinning" FOODS and ADORABLE KITTY CAT PHOTOS.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mi mi mi mi mi mi....

Being Momma means not being embarrassed at all to be caught making ridiculously silly faces and goofy sounds....because Baby's mad giggles makes it all okay!  More than okay, really!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Photos: Catching up w/ Thanksgiving, Little Pumpkin Friend, a new hat

Uh-oh!  I'm sorry I've been neglecting you, Kittenblog!  On average, our days seems pretty uneventful...but they always turn out to be pretty jam packed.  It kinda sneaks up on you... From the moment Baby wakes up until she goes to sleep again, it's one thing after another.  Feeding, changing, playing, the entire process of getting us both bundled up and ready to go outside, strolling, napping, feeding, pooping omg omg, playing, reading, napping, feeding (Rowen self-feeding dinner omg omg), bathing, reading....  By the time she goes to bed, there's so much cleaning up to be done (see afore mentioned self-feeding), the computer tends to get neglected sometimes.  Rowen finally cut not one, but two teeth at the same time and also came down with her first little mini virus (so sad, I hated it) so I kinda slacked off with the blogging.

It's one of those things... once you start procrastinating it gets harder and harder to get back into it.  Like that essay homework assignment that you handed in late...and then kept putting off finishing since it was already so late.  Or was that just me being a slacker in high school?  (Okay who am I kidding, and College too)

Anywho.  Where shall we start?  

Rowen got a Little Pumpkin Friend from the Farmer's Market just before Thanksgiving.

We went on the swings a whole buncha times...

Little Pumpkin Friend got halved, roasted and pureed one night after Rowen went to bed.
He became two delicious pumpkin cheesecake creations

Thanksgiving desserts

It's chilly here now!  Rowen got another hat to keep her extra warm.

She likes it!