Monday, October 29, 2012

I made a legwarmer for mah Baby!!!

I don't remember when exactly I learned to knit.  I'm definitely not very good at it and only have very, very basic skills.  Every single woman in my family seems to know how to knit,,, I vaguely learning at my Aunt's house in Ottawa when I was 6 or 7.  We used to go visit every summer and winter vacation and I remember my Aunt always having a full itinerary of activities to keep us all busy. I pretty much forgot about knitting until a few years ago when a friend re-taught me and "re-activated" my knitting skillllz.

Anyway, much like Rowen's ugly scarf, her legwarmers were a little DIY project I decided to try winging.  I didn't look for a pattern online since I don't really know how to read patterns anyway and how hard would knitting a tapered tube be anyway right?   :P

So after a couple of false starts and quite a few nights of staying up waaaay too late hours after Rowen went to sleep, I finally made ONE LEGWARMER!  And it actually fit the Baby and there were (well, almost) no mistakes!!!  What!

Now I just need to keep the ol' crappy attention span together and try to replicate this and knit her another one.  And then we shall have legwarmers!  Legwarmers turn out to be a surprisingly practical Baby accessory for chillier mornings lounging around at home.... because who wants to deal with pants unnecessarily, right?  Those precious seconds add up when you're trying to change a wiggly, rolling Rowen's diaper!  I also think they will be good for cold weather layering over her tights and leggings.  Unlike her scarf, there are actually lots of cute (perhaps slightly overpriced) baby legwarmers out there,,, but I wanted to challenge myself with this little project.

Yeah, there are mistakes and it may look a little bit amateur hour, but I'm kind of pleased with myself for actually sticking to it and making something for my Baby! I feel proud to have made something for  her!

My goal is another legwarmer in just one week! Which in theory is plenty of time, but you try knitting while taking care of an 8 month old.   So let's see if I can do it!  Wish me luck!  :D

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