Monday, October 1, 2012

Photos: This week... Grand Electric, Baby swings

It was a good week! 
Lowell didn't have to work on Wednesday so Annie and I had an impromptu dinner date at Grand Electric.   Grand Electric serves tacos/hipster food.  I've heard only good things about it and have walked by the big long lineup outside before they open.  Well, it did not disappoint.  It was so so sooo yummy!  We got a drinks (just one Grand Electric Sour for Momma here), appetizers, two tacos each and a dessert,  It was very delicious

Keylime pie in a jar.  Deeeelish!

Barbecue corn.. with mayo and cheese and mexican-y seasonings stuff all over it (I can't remember what stuff exactly)

two of four tacos
pork belly here
not pictured my baja fish and Annie's beef cheek

One day, when I'm ready to leave the Baby with a baby-sitter, I want to bring Lowell there.  I have such a long list of places we need to go together once we manage a "date night".

Rowen's hair is getting loooong.  At this rate we'll have some good pigtails by her Birthday!

I've been into making Rowen dress all matchy-matching with me.  Bahahaha!

We went on the swings a whole bunch of times this week!  It's our new fun activity.

Have you checked out Rowen's swing video yet?  It's verrrry verrry cute!

Family trip to Ikea for guilty pleasure yucky breakfast.  All this food and  a coffee cost $5! 
(We're so gross.)

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