Friday, December 2, 2011


In 12 days, I will turn 28 years old. 28! That's the oldest I've ever been! I said that I didn't want anything for my Birthday this year... and that's true, I don't! All of my friends have been so beautifully generous already giving the Kittenheart, Lowell and I so many amazing gifts. I couldn't imagine asking for anything more! But.... if I were allowed to ask for anything , it would be for a maternity winter coat that miraculously doesn't look like a lumpy garbage bag on me and isn't all kinds of ridiculous expensive. And a "Yuzu and Cocoa" bath from Lush (*hint hint Lowell*).

I've always enjoyed celebrating my Birthday. I can recall something special about almost every Birthday.... especially my Birthday cakes. "Chocolate and purple" for 26. Chocolate espresso cheesecake from Dufflet for 24. Alien cat ice cream cake for 22. Crazy delicious chocolate praline feuilletine creation by my Momma for 18. And my favourite was probably the giant pink "8" she made for me when I turned, well, 8.

I wonder what cake I shall have this year... This will be my last Birthday as just me. Most likely my only Birthday I'll celebrate pregnant. By this time next year, the Kittenheart will be almost a year old. Craziness....

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