Friday, December 2, 2011

Kick counting app

I downloaded a "kick counter" app on my phone to keep track of baby movements. I'm usually pretty picky (paranoid) about downloading stuff but this seemed like it might be useful. From what I've read, Doctors and midwives will sometimes make slightly different recommendations but in general they tell you to look for 6 - 10 good movements every 2 or 3 hours.

Turns out the app was totally unnecessary because the Kittenheart takes after her Drummer Dad and is crazy. super. active. We like to joke that the twins were born at 28 weeks because Lowell was beating the crap out of his Brother in the womb and he wanted out.

Everytime I re-set the time, I reach 6 big kicks within the first half hour. Sometimes within the first 10 minutes. Last night, we sat in bed and I made Lowell stare at the belly shifting around like crazy. It was exactly like that scene in that movie where that Alien thing bursts out of the dude's belly. Exactly like that. It's a totally bizarre feeling... kinda neat because there's this tiny little human squirming around but it also makes me feel kinda skeevy and ticklish and I squeal out loud a lot when I get a big wallop to the front. I have much respect for twin-carrying mommas.... and mommas who are and have been more pregnant than me! I'm barely 30 weeks so that means the Kitten baby still has to more than triple in size! Eugh, Jebus!

Anyway, I do recommend the kick counter app. I got it from the Android marketplace but I'm sure it must exist on iThings. I also recommend the Onavo data tracker and Hungry Shark Part 1 & 2 (my favourite game!). Not Hungry Shark Part 3 though, nuh-uh. I hate the new rival shark in Hungry Shark 3. He's a fucking asshole.

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