Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Preggo underpants, baby class and Z has a big mouth pt.3

damn you Thyme and your stupid ugly comfy underpants....
I've had so many things that I wanted to talk about, but apparently preparing to move apartments again, preparing our two foster cats (or are we their "foster humans" since they technically took us into their home) for Israel, early Christmas with Lowell's Fam, going to Doctor's appointments, working and being 7 months pregnant has caused me to ignore the blog.

Okay, so maternity underwear. Something that I thought was completely unnecessary as "My ass hasn't gotten that fat" nor will it get "that fat". I thought buying some more of my really low-cut VS underpants would suffice. And they technically have.... as my ass, while it has gotten fat is not "that fat". However, no matter how low cut the underpants, they just aren't designed quite right. As a result of having to push the front way low enough to sit under the belly, the butt starts to sag and the thigh-holes don't sit right. At least this is what I found was happening with me. I was getting really sick of saggy-ass in my leggings... So I caved and got pregnant underpants and they're lovely.

We had our baby care class earlier this week. It was definitely informative, a little bit overwhelming and also kinda fun. Lowell and I looked like the youngest people there and I'm willing to put money on the fact that he was indeed the youngest person there. It was interesting to see the contrast in lifestyles too... many of the other couples were older and also people who owned big houses (this came up when we learned about having changing stations on "every floor" of your house), owned not just one but two cars (this came up when learning about car seats and installing car seats and some people had the dilemma of "which car do we install it in?") and most of them lived in the suburbs (this came up when we talked pediatricians).

We live in a one bedroom apartment downtown that we rent and have no car. But one of the many things that we learned was that you don't need a huge house to have a baby because you're sticking close to it for the first few months anyway and it's safest for baby to sleep in your room.

So if I had to use one more work to describe baby care class, it was that it was reassuring. While we may not be rich and have a huge house, we can be just as prepared as those other parents! And when Lowell is the same as as that gray-haired man sitting across from us, our Kitten baby will be in its 20's. So we're kinda ahead in that sense, ha!

We were out for dim sum this past weekend and I got yelled at by a stranger because of my big mouth. This kinda trashy looking Mom (yeah, yeah I'm as asshole... but that's the truth, she was kinda trashy looking) got all frazzled with her two girls and SCREAMS into one of their faces "STOP YELLING IN MY EAR!!!". The whole restaurant goes silent, as her shouting was really loud. And who screams in their child's face in public like that??? So I made a snarky remark of "Well that's good parenting right there". And she shoots back at me "You don't have kids, You keep your comments to yourself!" and continued to mutter to herself... So I admit, yeah, I don't have kids and I should have kept my comments to myself. But come on, lady! I don't have to have kids to know that you don't shout in her face... even if you're frustrated or frazzled and she's being a jerk. I don't think this kid was even being that bad, just being a normal kid getting antsy after a long meal. I dunno, maybe it'll change when I have my own kid but I certainly would hope that I never lose my mind like that, in public or at home, and SCREAM in her face.

After they got their bill and were getting bundled up to head back outside, the same Mom also encouraged the kids to do dozens of jumping jacks. Right after eating. I was really kinda hoping that at least one of them would puke all over trashy-Moms ugly shoes.

I've seen so many terrible parents and parents-to-be lately that while it makes me sad for them, it also makes me feel better about my not totally sucking at this Momma thing. I could never imagine screaming in my child's face or calling it names.

53 more days to go wooooop!

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