Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sophie the Giraffe: What's her deal?

No one ever actually leaves me comments here, so I should probably address this on the ol' Facebook or Twitter.... but what is the deal with this "Sophie the Giraffe" character??? Wikiepedia has not offered much useful insight.

A bunch of the "what to register for" lists that I read had this Sophie the Giraffe thing on their lists. I snooped a bunch of registries (people I know and strangers) and everybody had this freakin' Giraffe thing on their registries! Lindsay and I investigated when we were at the store and we didn't get it. It's a large plastic Giraffe that costs about 7 times as much as other toys and teethers. It's kinda large and freaky looking, though admittedly, Giraffes have always freaked me out. I have this crazy OCD where I want to have two of every trinket so in case I lose (for example) a favourite cat-head pacifier, I have a back-up cat-head pacifier at home. I do not want to have 2 giant plastic expensive Giraffes.

Mommas... what's the deal with this Sophie the Giraffe dude? I asked Lowell if we should put one on our registry since "everyone else was doing it?" and he looked at me like I was insane. Why is she so popular? Is she magic and do I need one because EVERYONE else has one and is in on the secret and I am a bad Momma-to-be for denying Kittenheart a Giraffe? Is she just famous for being famous? Because if this thing is the Paris Hilton of baby stuff, I don't want it.


  1. This was one of the only toys I knew about before getting pregnant so when I saw it in the Babies'r'us flyer, I too wondered if it really was a must have for my future baby.

    So I can't remember what my source was but I read about her being all the rage in France in the 70s because of her rubber (or whatever it was that she made of) and her little horns and teeth. Apparently babies really do love to chew on weird protruding things like this.

    I'm torn though because if everyone at babytime has a Sophie, how am I ever going to keep track of the one that has been in my babies mouth but if my baby is the only one without a Sophie, am I depriving the baby a normal infancy?

    I guess this wasn't any help, but just so you know you're not alone in the Sophie dilemna.


  2. I decided to cave and threw a set of Sophie's "Friends" the little mushroom creatures onto my registry. They're pretty stinking cute "Chan" Pie" and "Gnon". My friend told me about how Vulli was the first company to be conscious of the fact that "Hey, babies put this stuff in their mouths" and use natural rubber, etc etc. So Sophie became the legend that she is.

  3. And you were plenty of help, Zela! :)


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