Monday, October 10, 2011


My belly skin is uncomfortable today. It's a strange feeling to be constantly aware of your belly button all day long... it feels tight and rather itchy, almost achey. Just last week I was telling Alice that my belly wasn't itchy like hers was yet. This week, it SO totally is! But not like, normal "scratch it and it goes away" itchy. Whatever the "itch" equivalent to a dull ache is. A persistent tingley stretchy sensation maybe? Slathering Charity Pot lotion and Mange too bar from Lush all over the belly temporarily soothes the stretchy-tingley (and makes the belly smell like delicious, delicious cocoa butter) but it only kinda helps. And holy fricken jebus this is just the start... there are so many more MONTHS of stretchy-tingley to go! Pregnancy is such a freakin' science experiment.

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