Thursday, October 13, 2011


I found a shirt that I had meant to donate to charity because I had accidently shrunk it. It went from a nice long, leggings-length top to a short wide stupid looking top. Apparently I kept it and that's awesome because I can wear it now. It's sufficiently comfy and wide. Score! If I can continue to grow gigantic with only 4 actual "maternity" tops, that'd be awesome. My lovely Momma friend Jenn lent me a HUUUUGE vacuum-sealed bag of maternity clothes to rifle through, which was amazingly helpful. However, most of these clothes were size X-Small. I am not X-Small by any means and certainly not now. Stupid tiny Jenn and her teeny tiny maternity clothes! :D

P.s. I love you Jenn. Also, that vacuum bag contraption is miraculous! Literally an explosion of clothes when I unzipped it! I have no idea how to fit it all back in though...

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