Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thanksgiving Belly & Ice cream turkey

Last night, after we got home from Thanksgiving dinner at Lowell's Parent's house in the Beaches, we went to Shopper's because my inhaler exploded. We're lucky that there is a 24-hour Shoppers Drug Mart near here that NEVER CLOSES. I was walking around the snacky crackers section and Lowell goes "Honey, turn that way" and snapped some photos of me. I didn't really understand what he was getting at but I complied and made some non-squinty, non-stupid faces for the iPhone.

This morning, I remembered that he did this and asked to see the photos. HOLY CRAP JESUS, they were insane. I said to Lowell "I DON'T LOOK LIKE THAT, DO I? My belly isn't that big, is it?!?!" As it turns out, my belly isn't that big yet... but last night's photos were hilarious and perhaps a good projection for what I should look like in a few more weeks. Apparently eating 2 plates of turkey and ham, potatoes and a bunch of assorted veggies, 3 slices of pie and 3 slices of ice cream turkey makes you look 4 weeks more pregnant than you actually are.

Sidenote: The ice cream turkey from Baskin Robbins is hilarious and has become mine and Lowell's Thanksgiving tradition. This year we waited in a huuuuge line-up due to the freakish heatwave and there was only one ice cream turkey left in the freezer. I was sweaty and nervous listening to all the families ahead of us order their scoops and sundaes. I kept muttering "Oh god, what if they want the turkey? Oh man oh man oh man" every time a new person reached the front of the line. Lowell suggested I wait outside but I couldn't leave him alone with the ice cream turkey anxiety. I swear if anyone ahead of us had gone for our ice cream turkey, I would have fought them for it. What we should have done was call ahead to have it reserved, but it was way more exciting this way.

In related news, I took the above photo of our ice cream turkey with my iPad. I decided to bring the iPad with me so I wouldn't feel left out when we inevitably reached the point in the evening when everyone in Lowell's family starts to play with their Apple toys. Usually I'm all left out with my malfunctioning BlackBerry while everyone shows off their hilarious new apps that make Grandma's talking sound like rapping or boring photos look fabulous. But not this gathering! This time I had my giant clunky iPad that I still really have no idea how to use!

I'm a bit sad that we didn't get to take leftover ice cream turkey home... to make turkey ice cream sandwiches...

Anyway... back to belly talk. Seeing photos of myself continues to surprise me these days. To me, my belly still feels mostly like my belly but it's sneaky and really starting to grow bigger and bigger.

I was going to take a "normal" sans Food Baby photo of the belly today to post along with the Thanksgiving Baby belly. But then I ate half a blueberry pie so that photo will have to wait. I'll post the pics eventually.... This was an anti-climatic build-up to no Thanksgiving Belly photo, sorry.

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