Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Asthma Doctorb

I think I'm getting sick. This is a whole new World of Suck.

I blame it on the waiting room at the breathing doctor yesterday. SO MANY COUGHING WHEEZY DYING SICK OLD PEOPLE IN THERE. Fucking hell, I should have worn just worn a mask. Or THEY should have worn one of the masks provided instead of wheezing and hacking all over each other.

Besides the thoroughly unpleasant waiting room full of nasty sick oldies and a man with rotten toenails, my new respirologist, Dr. Day was awesome. My regular doc had mentioned when I first got pregnant that 1/3 of women found that their asthma got better, 1/3 stays the same and 1/3 get worse with pregnancy. I hoped and hoped to be in the first 2/3s... but, of course, guess which 1/3 I fell under. Yeah. So 24 hours and only one sleep after my loooong-ass first consult, my breathing was better than ever already. I actually slept through the night until my 4:30am pee break! No waking up to voilent coughing wheezing attacks! However, I now have a raging sore throat, can't stop sneezing and feel like death. Or maybe my body's going into shock from being able to take in normal amounts of oxygen again.

An interesting note, my breathing doctor says to me yesterday "I bet you're having a girl." before I told her that we "most likely" knew the gender already. Apparently almost all of her pregnant lady asthmatics who's asthma worsens with pregnancy wind up to be carrying girl babies. Curious!

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