Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kittenheart goes to DFA1979

Last night, Lowell and I went to a rock show. Death From Above 1979, one of my favourite bands... even though I only have the one album. They were freakin' awesome!

I still remember Angela introducing them to me the year we were 20, maybe 21 years old? I played that CD in my car for months and went on to put Black History Month and Romantic Rights on pretty much every mixed CD that I'd make for the next 5 years? I have lovely memories of DANCING our faces off at Dance Cave and *shudder* Velvet when the DJs would take our requests for DFA. I never got to see them live before they broke up and then I was all sad last summer when I couldn't afford to go see them at Coachella when they announced they were back together.

But, of course, they wound up doing a tour and I finally got to see them! It was weird being at an all ages show because some of the kids singing along looked like they were 12! That would have made them.... TWO YEARS OLD when the band first existed?!?
We didn't manage to get too close to the stage because I didn't want to get shoved around and the show was LOUD. I was nervous that Kittenheart would be scared or freaked out by the loud music, but my reading assured me that as long as I didn't stand in front of the speakers or something, it was safe. She was definitely responding to the music though, with much flip flopping around throughout the entire show! It was definitely the most consistent movement I've ever felt so far. I think it means she liked it though. Maybe it was a little mix of "WTF"... but hopefully also enjoyment.

I'm thinking maybe no more loud rock shows, just for the sake of baby and for the sake of me not feeling like the oldest person in the room. I was yawning by midnight and we left during the second encore to "beat the crowd".... something I've NEVER done before! *gasp*

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