Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Biggie biggie biggie

Holy freakin' jesus!!

Today I got on a scale not at the Doctor's office for the first time since being pregnant. It was all because Lowell weighed himself on the fancy futuristic glass scale in the bathroom at our super-lux temporary apartment (more on that later). So I got curious and wanted to try out the fancy futurama scale too, even though I had decided not to weigh myself outside of Doctor's appointment. I joked about how I was probably going to weigh more than Lowell at some point probably hopefully towards the end of the pregnancy.

Well, that day is now. Today is the day I discovered that I now weigh MORE than Lowell. Gah!! I knew this day would come but I thought it'd be sometime in the new year when I felt huge and disgusting. I don't feel that huge yet!

Although.... I think the Kittenheart had a growth spurt this past week because my belly skin was super flaming ITCHY all week to the point where I scratched a big welt near my belly button in my sleep. I've been using my normal lotion as well as lubing up constantly with that greasy, greasy "belly butter" stuff and over the past few days, the itchy tightness has subsided. But then in the past 24 hours, strangers have started to comment on my belly. Like last night, an obviously crazy disheveled man congratulated me on the street. "OH! You... you... ya got a baby in there! Congratulations!"

I've gained about 20lbs, which at almost 6 months along, I'm told by the Internet is quite normal. But now I am officially the heaviest person in the family. Oh man. I wasn't ready for this.

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