Wednesday, November 16, 2011

27 weeks. Cartoon belly.

I'm behind on taking belly photos. I'll get on it soon as I have an awesome new phone with a freakin' awesome camera on it!

Random belly related things to report....

So far no stretch marks! I'm pretty pleased about that. When I had my growth spurt/quit ballet and gained 25lbs at puberty, I got hideously intense stretch marks all up the sides of my thighs and all over my hips... so I thought I was in for it now. But so far, I'm keeping the ol' belly skin lubed and moisturinzed constantly all day and things are looking okay! There's still a lot of stretching and growing left but I'm proud to have made it this far without stretch mark damnit.

I got that crazy dark stripe thing. When I went swimming with Alice, she noticed it. Alice doesn't have the dark stripe thing. I don't understand the point of the stripe thing. It's kinda amusing and strange. It now runs pretty much from the private parts up to almost my boob cleavage area.

Some days when I wake up in the morning, the belly is rock hard. Doesn't hurt or even feel uncomfortable and my Doc says it's normal that the uterus will contract...but it feels totally bizarre from the outside. Lowell calls it's "The shell".

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