Sunday, November 13, 2011

Call me Kittenheart

I have this weird hang-up about telling people what we're going to name the Kittenheart. At first I thought it was pretty normal, but then I talked to some of my Momma friends and Alice, my fellow soon-to-be-Momma friend and realized that apparently I'm the big weirdo for being uber secretive about names. Everyone else seems pretty content to start referring to their baby by name. I don't like doing that. Lowell told his parents the name we were considering and last week his Dad says to us "How's little [insert Kittenheart's most likely "real" name to be here]" and I freaked out. It was a silent freak out in the back seat of the car which I forgot about for 3 days and then belatedly yelled at Lowell about.

I still really like the name but I like the idea of keeping it private until she arrives. I dunno... I have just under 3 months to change my mind about this, I suppose. I have this hilariously awesome nickname so I think everyone should just keep using that instead of her "real" name please. And my writing it here is my passive-aggresive way to not have to bring this up in person to anybody.

In completely unrelated news, I got an iPhone and I hate it. I'm returning it for the Samsung Galaxy S II (or some such nonsensically long name along those lines) because I tried it out yesterday and it's freakin' awesome.

And also, I want that cat.

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