Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mama Pants. Better than I thought possible!

I never did get around to writing about how thoroughly pleased I was to discover that normal looking, dare I say "stylish" maternity clothes exist. I should also mention AFFORDABLE and stylish maternity clothes, because I've seen some amazing stuff at some online boutiques but I am certainly NOT spending $200 on a sweater or pair of Citizens of Humanity jeggings with the sweatpant waist that I won't be able to wear again next year!

Now, I'm no fashionista but I'm pretty set in my ways and I know how I like to look and dress. I'm probably far from fashionable and anything "trendy" that I wind up with usually happens by fluke. Example, when the "military" look came about and I was still wearing the same old green "military" jacket from my last year of high school. Bahaha "Where did I get my coat, Girl on the TTC? I got it from the year 2002! Bahaha!"

A couple of weeks ago, Lowell's Mom very, very generously offered to take me shopping for maternity clothes. She seemed so into the idea, it was amazing and heart-warming. I on the other hand was a jackass and initially dreaded the idea. I've never liked shopping and imagined us going into stores such as Thyme and Motherhood Maternity and me scowling at turtlenecks, floral prints and MOM PANTS. My goal was to stay in my own clothes or keep buying things that I could still wear when I lost the gut. However, pants were becoming increasingly uncomfortable even with the Bella Band (life saver!) and I was living in yoga pants and a single pair of jeans, my stretchy Second brand Yoga Jeans. So I figured it wouldn't hurt to take a look. I was skeptical though.

We arrived at the Eaton Centre and Lowell's Mom was all excited. She had all boys so she had never really done the girly shopping trip. It was cute because she insisted on picking me up even though our apartment is literally a 6 minute walk to the mall.

Anyways, as it turns out, after the recent renovations, the only teeny tiny selection of maternity clothes left in the entire mall was a teeny tiny hidden corner in H&M! My spirits lifted a bit as I realized that I liked a lot of the clothes at H&M! I was thoroughly impressed that instead of the frumpy old-lady styles I had expected, much of the selection was the same as their regular clothes... just with the handy stretchy waistband slapped on top of the regular jeans.

There were stripey shirts galore AND the elbow patch sweater that I had my eye on in the regular section came in a wider "Mama" version. H&M Mama, I was very impressed with you. I came away with an entire sack of NON UGLY clothes that I could probably wear again when non pregnant, including my previously mentioned current favourite stripey white top. I honestly plan on living in that shirt, I don't care if I look crazy wearing the same clothes everything. This is as long as it continues to be miraculously stain-repellent (I'm constantly spilling things all over my gut lately) and withstands the constant washing and drying that I'm subjecting it to.

Lowell's Mom generously insisted on paying for everything, which made my normally robot heart weepy. And I've since gone back and bought another pair of my now favourite stretchy skinny jeans as they are uber comfortable, look exactly like my "normal" pants and only cost 40 bucks! I love these pants because they actually have pockets and a fake fly and everything along with the comfort of the stretchy belly-holding, buttcrack-hiding top. I hope to be able to wear them for the whole pregnancy. Hopefully things keep going as they have been and the only significant growth will be in the belly and boobs. I'd like it if my ass doesn't get toooooo fat (of course, I'm totally okay if it does).

Too bad I'm not one of those popular "Mommy bloggers". If I were, I'd totally keep plugging how much I LOVE H&M Mama and hope that they would send me shtuff!

P.s. Minor thing that might be a piss off... that model isn't pregnant, is she? That's totally a fake belly stuffed in her shirt... OR she's the slimmest non-puffy (even for a model) pregnant lady that I've ever seen and I'm jealous!

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