Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bax Love, Lowell Love, Kitten Love (19 weeks and 5 days photos)

Bax is so stinkin' cute we forgot the belly in the first photo.

I've been living in this stripey shirt from H&M Mama lately. It's super comfy but drapes on my body like a giant tent. It makes the ol' belly look far larger than it is! My increasingly awfully curved posture doesn't help the situation because in reality, the belly isn't that big anymore! It's somehow shrinking due to less jiggly bloat and more firm baby.

It blows my mind that one day, sooner than I think, there is a little person who I will love as much as I love Baxter. I explain to Lowell that my Bax-Love is measured on a different scale than Love-love, so it's not a competition.

Example... I love chocolate chip cookies and I also love the colour purple. You can't ask me if I love cookies or purple more because they're measured on a totally different scale. Hence Bax-Love and other-Love. Lowell and Bugdish can be at the top of both their divisions. It just blows my mind that there will be another division soon and another being that will be top ranking. Another little creature that I can tuck under my arm and knows how to conform to my body like a little koala bear! (Bax may be a fatty but we OWN the One-armed Cat Hold! Who needs two hands to hold a cat? Psssshhhhwwwwahh!)

It truly is a life changing experience, having a little human being growing inside you. It's a totally bizarre process that feels long, uncomfortable, painful, disgusting and thoroughly unnatural at times. I'd really like to meet one of those "I loved being pregnant!" type women... because they're f*cked. Please pardon my language. Do no get me wrong though, despite my complaining and despite the fact that I may have never wanted to or planned to experience it - now that it's happening? It's pretty freakin' cool.

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