Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 19! Kittenheart is a PRETZEL.

According to good ol' Babycentre.ca, Kittenheart is a freakin' pretzel-baby this week.

In no particular order, Week 19 so far:

-Asthma flaring up. Got an appointment with a respirologist who specializes in pregnant ladies, score! My GP is so awesome for getting me in and I am a big nerd for being excited!

-Pretty sure I felt a flutter! Felt like something gently flicking me in the belly from within. Happened once and then nothing since.

-Puked three times so far. No warning, no nausea before or afterwards though. First time was brushing my teeth before work on Sunday morning. Puked into the sink. Gross. Puked later that day after a nap. Puked yesterday when I was rushing around trying to get out of the house for pre pre-natal yoga tea with Alice.

-Pre-natal yoga class with Alice! Taught by Ann, one of my favourite teachers at The Yoga Sanctuary! Alice is just about 4 weeks more pregnant than me and also unexpectedly pregnant, so it was super neat catching up with her. I also just sent her a link to this blog, so HI ALICE! :D

-Ate too much food from Sunday to Monday night.... (TMI ALERT!!!!!!!!!) I am mildly alarmed that none of it has, *ahem*, come out yet. Constipation, yet another one of the more lovely perks of pregnancy. A dirty mcmuffin, a chicken caesar salad, a slice of pizza, a massive plate of chicken briyani, another caesar salad, an apple with a piece of cheese, a banana, at least 2 bowls of cereal, a yogurt, 6-8 mini caramel coffee cakes, a bunch of almonds, a thing of raspberries, a dim sum lunch, a sushi (nothing raw) dinner, a post-dinner Jr. bacon cheeseburger and frosty from Wendy's, a raspberry linzer tarte and dim sum leftovers... it's all still in there. My theory, I am showing because yes, baby is growing....but I am literally full of crap.

Isn't pregnancy beautiful? Strangely enough I feel great for the most part. And thus concludes tonight's edition of Zoë shares with you more than you ever asked or wanted to know.

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