Sunday, September 11, 2011

I guess this is what they meant by "emotional rollercoaster caused by hormones"

This is not a strictly pregnancy specific rant.

What the fuck is up with so-called friends lately? I understand we're all busy with life. Work, relationships, this and that. However, If you really want to make an effort, is it really so goddamn hard to hit "reply" and type a few quick lines in an email or send a quick text message back? Heaven forbid anyone actually picks up the phone and has *gasp* voice contact. I know I'm just having a bad night right now and being overly emotional. I have also been guilty of canceling plans lately but I always feel bad about it. Rescheduling is one thing, not giving a supposed friend the time of day or going MIA is another. seriously, what the. fuck. is. up?

I also work and take care of my home and pets and have a relationship and am, oh fucking wiped most days from FUCKING CREATING A LIVING HUMAN BEING INSIDE MY BODY... and yet I make an effort to make time for my friends!! More and more so lately, I find myself feeling positively FOOLISH about the amount of unreciprocated messages that I send out. I respond to Facebook messages even though I hate Facebook. I send texts and BBM messages to try to make plans or just see how a friend is doing. I send emails when I have a few moments to try to keep in touch with those who I may not be able to see on a regular basis.

So what the fuck is up with the massive amounts of texts and emails that I've sent and have, weeks later, received no response from from lately? Is the Internet somehow losing all the correspondence? Are they ALL somehow not going though? Am I really that annoying that no one can spare 30 seconds to respond? What the fuck is up, people?

I have friends who are going through big time drama, raising children, etc etc who I see or keep in tough with on a regular basis!! What is happening in your life that you can't respond to a simple text message or email???

Okay so maybe you have some sort of personal crisis - you're sick, you're moving to the country, you're being evicted, you hate your boss and you're getting fired, but then just let me know. Because I'm apparently a selfish asshole and I care about my friends and I want to know these things are happening in your life., even though you choose to ignore me. Yes, I'm reaching out because I want your support too and to tell you about what's going on with me, so in a sense I guess that is me being self-serving....but aren't I entitled to a little bit of that right now? Fack.

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