Sunday, September 11, 2011

HOTmilk? Really?

I came across a line of sexy sexy maternity and nursing lingerie. In my opinion, very overpriced but whatever, it's important to look and feel good yada yada yada..and if sassy lingerie does that for you, cool.

My philosophy is to spend as little money as possible on things that I won't be able to wear when I have to give the rental boobs back, so I won't be spending $90 on frilly fancy lingerie. I would personally rather spend the money on a nice haircut or a massage or perhaps a cute outfit. But even if I felt inclined to blow money on preggo-lingerie, I find the brand name "HOTmilk" to be revolting. I barfed in my mouth a little bit when I read it. HOTMILK? Seriously?? Gross. Are there mommas out there who find this disgusting brand name appealing or am I over reacting? HOTmilk? Seriously?? Gross.

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