Thursday, September 15, 2011

belly touching

Last night, one of the lovely regulars at my Yoga studio work said to me "We just noticed the other night when we were here.... You're pregnant!!" and I said "I am!" and it was neat because it was the first time someone noticed that I was pregnant and declared it to me. Most people can't really tell that I'm knocked up unless I tell them or they already know... or they do that thing where they stare at my belly but don't say anything because they aren't quite sure if maybe I just have a fat gut.

People in general seem to like pregnant people. They seem to have a genuine interest in your bodily functions and then want to touch you. So far, I don't really mind it at all. Surprisingly, I might even like it. I guess even I've always been fascinated even though I never really thought I'd partake in the process. I was a notorious belly-toucher with my friends Jenn and Simone, but I would never touch without asking permission first! Always ask permission first if you don't know the pregnant lady!

If you're reading this Simone, I'm sorry I posted a photo of you without permission. Also, I stole this photo from Sarah W... if she happens to read this too.

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