Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rental boobs

Today I had to go shopping for a new bra, yet again.

The awesome $6 purple bra that I got from Jacob that seemed impossibly HUGE a few weeks ago was getting too cozy. Plus it's been annoying having only one well-fitting bra in rotation.

I was told by some Momma friends not to bother spending too much money at this point as I'd be going through different sizes every few weeks. I thought this was probably an exaggeration but took that advice to heart. I've been blessed (in my opinion) with fairly small but adequate boobs pre-being knocked up so luckily I haven't had to invest in any heavy-duty maternity e-cup support bras. My main goals were that the bras were comfy, supportive enough (never been an issue for me before) and reasonable non0ugly. Jacob and H&M are good options for inexpensive yet comfortable and reasonably attractive bras.

Anyway. To begin with, I was a 34B. I find that to be a nice respectable size. Not too small (I can't stand push-up or overly padded bras eugh) but small enough that going bra-less in the summer is a lovely option. I managed to stay in my regular bras until about 10 or 11 weeks in, at which point my bras were leaving welts on my skin at the end of the day so I graduated to a 34C. I was pretty proud of myself. I strutted around the apartment announcing to Lowell that we now had 34C boobs. 34C! Bahahaha! Real C cups!! I didn't even care that they were achey and (borderline TMI, but let's face it, this whole entry is bordering on TMI for some folks) well, ITCHY. 34C, bitches BAHAHA!

And then they kept growing. The achiness went away. The itchiness hasn't (I've had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom in public to give 'em a good scratch on more than one occasion). So today, I went to H&M and after pinching literally everyone bra they carried, determined that apparently NON push-up bras don't exist anymore. I managed to find a few non obscenely padded bras in non obscenely hot pink leopard print, grabbed a few sizes and headed to the change rooms. I looked at the selection and was like "Nah, no way your boobs are actually THAT big... these will probably be roomy and not fit!" But fit they did and apparently I've graduated to a 36C now. Bahahaha! 36C!! That is my new Boobies Hi-Score. Bahahaha! BAHAHA!

Much like my alarmingly suddenly "popped" belly though, I'd be content if they just stayed here. I don't want floppity-big boobies!

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