Friday, September 23, 2011

19 week and 4 days Ultrasound: It's "most likely" a girl!

Last night as I was falling asleep, I was talking out loud to Kittenheart... sounding like a crazy person, repeatedly telling "it" to "cooperate and show your bum tomorrow". Like a strange little mantra "Cooperate and show your bum tomorrow please cooperate and show your bum tomorrow".

So come "tomorrow" which of course was TODAY, it technically cooperated and showed its bum briefly. Briefly but long enough for the ultrasound technician to label the area "XX". Or "most likely a girl", which were her exact words to us. We saw little fingers and toes, little Kittenheart shoving it's little Kittenhand into her open mouth (very cute), eyes (well, dark spots where the eyes are), spine, ribs, femur and head measurements were taken. One and a half hours and me needing to take two puke breaks later, our tech had to take a break because Kittenheart wouldn't cooperate and let her get all the views of her little heart. Again with being an uncooperative little somersaulting/faceplanting fetus!

Apparently lying on your back with a baby in the belly pressing on your vena cava makes you vomit. Especially when you were already having a reunion with morning sickness. That is why pregnant people are not supposed to lie on their backs.

So today was they day that we found out that we are "most likely" having a daughter in February! Initially I was disappointed with the phrasing of "most likely" but I realize that I'm being irrational. Of course they can't say 100% either way, unless in some cases where they actually see the little penis, etc. And of course, who cares if it's a boy or a girl as long as it's healthy! Part of me is weary of a surprise penis though, so let's not go too overboard with the girly stuff right? Hehe, maybe. We'll see. Boys can wear pink kitty cat onesies just as much as our "most likely" girl is going to wear dinosaur clothes!

Lowell took some videos today but we're dunce parents and forget to get photos this time. So I'll go through the videos and post one soon.

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