Saturday, September 3, 2011

pregnancy makes you smart. Not.

This whole pregnancy fog or "baby brain" is apparently a real thing. Not an excuse to be forgetful or silly like I often secretly believed when dealing with pregnant co-workers... Example, this one time one female Veterinarian who I used to work with, announced that she was finished our surgery. She proceeded to take off her cap, mask and gloves which confused me as I didn't quite understand this joke that she was committing to. Why was she joking about this? Well, as it turns out she wasn't joking. I pointed out to her that there was still a final layer of stitches to put in and proceeded to get her a new pair or gloves while she scrubbed in again to actually finish the surgery.

Random sidenote, I have worked with a grand total of 5 pregnant Veterinarians and 4 pregnant Vet techs in 3 different clinics over the years.

Anyway, lately I've been doing stupid things. Things that I find absolutely frustrating as I normally have a very low tolerance for stupid. Like forgetting my wallet and not being able to buy dinner at work, or remembering to bring my wallet but forgetting that my debit card was in another purse, or losing my wallet and keys and finding them in my rain boots after 20 minutes of searching the entire apartment and thus being late for work. My main thing has been forgetting basic words. It started a few weeks ago when we were flying to Montreal. At the airport, I saw the PILOT and said to Lowell: "Oh cool. It's the... um... the guy who flies...plane... the um, Air Guy." "Uh, you mean the Pilot?"

Or when trying to express my desire to go to the Thai place that does this crazy yummy pad thai in a CREPE, I asked Lowell if we could go to "that place that does that noodle in the... egg bag". Couldn't remember what CREPE was.

When searching for the TONGS in the kitchen, I searched the usual drawer, searched the utensil drawer, searched the dishwasher and finally announced to Lowell angirly that the "Clippy things for cooking" (couldn't remember the word TONGS) were no where to be found!! I was upset about this.. where could the be??? Lowell came over, opened the dishwasher and they were sitting right there in plain sight. I was pretty annoyed with myself. He was pretty openly smug about the whole situation.

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