Saturday, September 10, 2011

17 weeks and 4 days pic

I asked Lowell to take some belly photos the other day since we didn't have any yet. This photo was taken at 17 weeks and 4 days plus one huge brunch at Petit Déjeuner. Isn't Baxter soooo stinkin' cute in this shot? He's all "aww mom no smoochin plz".

Well, I technically have one photo that I took of myself in the bathroom weeks ago with my crappy BlackBerry camera, but it's NSFW and I ain't sharin' it with anybody. It was my first "Holy crap I can't suck it in anymore moment".

It's starting to feel slightly less surreal now that I have an ever-slowly-growing baby gut!

Later, I shall post about adventures in shopping for maternity clothes with Lowell's Mom. Did you know that inexpensive, stylish maternity wear exists?? I certainly didn't until yesterday. I'm actually excited to be able to start wearing some of my new clothes soon!

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