Wednesday, September 7, 2011

belly and general complaints

I've been reading other pregnant lady blogs and everyone is taking photos of their bellies. I haven't done that yet. I guess I should start? I'm jealous of those who claim they didn't start to show until 20-something weeks. I am begining to sport an indeniable "pouf" as Lowell likes to call it. People at work like to point it out everytime they see me and my friend Jody has declared twice (once sober and once not) that she wants to poke my belly. I was snooping someone else's photos and saw a pic of them at 17 weeks and thought "well, she's showing a lot at 17 weeks too! It's not just me!" Then it turns out she was having twins. I am not having twins. Lowell made sure he asked the Ultrasound tech not once, but twice during our 12-week appointment. I just have terrible lazy squishy abs. Damn.

Pertaining to my recent entry about pregnancy-stupids, in the past few weeks, I've sent dozens of emails, mainly to Lowell and Kristin, about apartments or blogs or merchandise that I want to share with them. About half of those times, I get a response back from them that says "Where's the link?" Goddamnit.

My two main complaints this week are the return of morning sickness (I puked in bed into the garbage yesterday, wtf??) and the inability to lie on my stomach anymore. I know it's not the best sleep posture, but I just love it. I can sort of achieve a nice stomach lie if I create a triangle of pillows but then I squish my annoyingly squishy new rental boobs and that's uncomfortable too. As soon as I can in February, I'm just gonna lie there on my stomach no matter how squishy my boobs are. It's going to be fantastic.

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