Friday, September 30, 2011

baby registry

I've been bad at blogging this week. My attention span is non-existent and most of my spare internet time has been devoted to the apartment search (one more month, CRAP!) and baby registry research. It's surprisingly stressful choosing things for Kittenhearts.

I think it's in part to my lack of knowledge and the huuuuuuuge, overwhelming amount of products available. We live in a culture where there are DOZENS of makes and models of fabric slings, of many ranges of prices, to strap a baby to your body. In many parts of the World, Mommas grab a piece of cloth, attach baby to bod and it's done. No one in rural China or Africa is spending $100 on a designer meter of pretty printed fabric.

How do you pick a stroller?! This is something you have to wheel your baby around in so it has to be maneuverable and safe. You have to be seen in public all the time with, it so aesthetics play a (albeit minor) role! Did you know that strollers get stolen?! Because humans are terrible creatures sometimes. So you don't want to be spending a ton of money on your stroller. There are literally hundreds of options available. I would narrow down the the ones that I thought looked decent (non-ugly, reasonably priced, good customer ratings and safety features)... run them by Lowell and then start looking into safety and user reviews. It's really a surprising amount of work! I will be consulting my Momma friends for advice obviously to finish out the registry and list of things we will buy ourselves.

I did finally pick out a stroller, or pardon me, a travel system... which is a carrier/carseat stroller combo. I found another blogger's review of my front runner and while I wish I could say that this photo that she created didn't play a part in my decision....

It totally did.

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