Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kittenheart Beating and Deep-fried Nutella

I had a check-up today with my Doc. The ol' 4-6 weeks check. Routine stuff, pee in a cup, get on the scale, blood pressure, chit chat test results chit chat blah, get on the table have my belly felt-up/tickled and then the highlight for me personally, listen for the Kittenheart. Lowell's never actually heard the heartbeat before because the tech at the Ultrasound had the sound turned off. I didn't get a chance to record it at my last appointment because I accidently showed up half an hour late. (Pregnancy stupids. Spent weeks thinking that appointment was at 1:30pm... they're always at 1pm)

Anyway, today I arrived nice and early, peed in a cup all by myself before they asked and didn't have too many questions, so we had some extra time. I asked to record a video when we were listening for the Kittenheart:

Kinda the nerdiest video ever, who would've thought I'd become the type to post stuff like this? It's probably less amusing than my drunken karaoke videos of 2004 but definitely cooler. And we're really only listening for the audio as the actual video of my button is pretty boring. Kittenheart!

Oh and p.s. only gained 2lbs this time since the last appointment! Total weight gain so far is 14lbs, which is on the high end of the range but acceptable. Booyahs! And this is with a deep-fried Nutella sandwich with whippy PB consumed in the time frame. I don't eat deep-fried food often, or ever, so it was justifiable due to EXTREME amazingness! I love Murray's indeed.

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