Friday, December 9, 2011

The Snoogle

A few random thoughts:

We put together our stroller/infant carrier travel system thinger today and the Kittenheart officially has more wheels than we do.

To anyone who plans on being pregnant, don't do it without the Snoogle. At first I thought it seemed silly but about a month ago, I started having trouble getting comfortable when trying to sleep and thought "screw it, I'll but the stupid $60 pillow, can't hurt to give it a go!" and I do not regret it. I don't understand why the website looks like something from the 80's but it doesn't even matter, this crazy snake pillow is awesome. I still have grumpy uncomfortable nights but it's significantly improved. When I finally settle into a good spot with the Snoogle all snoogled up in front and my former long body pillow wedged up behind, it's just HEAVENLY.

I realize that I've been mopey and complaining a lot lately, but I wanted to be clear that as much as I'm any combination of tired, moody, achey, nauseous all the time lately, I'm very excited. I may whine when the baby bops me in the guts - it's a pretty strange yet awesome feeling and I kinda like it. The most surreal part lately is feeling our little drummer girl and knowing she's in there, but not having any idea what she looks like.

I just burped (or maybe hiccuped, who the frig knows?) and barfed in my mouth just a little bit. I'm just glad that the last thing I ate was an Andes mint chocolate and it wasn't totally disgusting puke for once!

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