Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving in Canada!  Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

This time last year, I was starting to look very, very pregnant...and not so much "uh, did she eat a big dinner or is she just getting faaaat?".  (Sidenote: that purple and grey striped shirt is awesome, I kinda want to wear it again!)

This year, we have an amazing little Baby Girl who sadly caught a virus....but wouldn't let it change her usual smiley, happy, demeanor!  She was just a bit more cuddly and tired.  And Momma dressed her in pyjamas for visiting Family instead of her usual Mini-Me outfits.

I am so very thankful to have my beautiful and healthy (minus current green eye goober sneezing virus) Rowen Baby in my life.

I'm way behind on photos lately, we've been busy with another week of self-imposed "NO EATING OUT" which translates to "Z MUST COOK EVERYTHING",  I kinda feel like I've been in the kitchen all week, what with Rowen's new found HUGE appetite (I'm making and freezing all her food) and taking on stupidly ambitious projects like "let's make dozens and dozens of dumplings from scratch and roast squashes and then bake many delicious pumpkin cheesecakes."

Lowell, I want to cheat and maybe have sushi once this week.

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