Monday, October 15, 2012

Photos: Catching up w/ Thanksgiving, Little Pumpkin Friend, a new hat

Uh-oh!  I'm sorry I've been neglecting you, Kittenblog!  On average, our days seems pretty uneventful...but they always turn out to be pretty jam packed.  It kinda sneaks up on you... From the moment Baby wakes up until she goes to sleep again, it's one thing after another.  Feeding, changing, playing, the entire process of getting us both bundled up and ready to go outside, strolling, napping, feeding, pooping omg omg, playing, reading, napping, feeding (Rowen self-feeding dinner omg omg), bathing, reading....  By the time she goes to bed, there's so much cleaning up to be done (see afore mentioned self-feeding), the computer tends to get neglected sometimes.  Rowen finally cut not one, but two teeth at the same time and also came down with her first little mini virus (so sad, I hated it) so I kinda slacked off with the blogging.

It's one of those things... once you start procrastinating it gets harder and harder to get back into it.  Like that essay homework assignment that you handed in late...and then kept putting off finishing since it was already so late.  Or was that just me being a slacker in high school?  (Okay who am I kidding, and College too)

Anywho.  Where shall we start?  

Rowen got a Little Pumpkin Friend from the Farmer's Market just before Thanksgiving.

We went on the swings a whole buncha times...

Little Pumpkin Friend got halved, roasted and pureed one night after Rowen went to bed.
He became two delicious pumpkin cheesecake creations

Thanksgiving desserts

It's chilly here now!  Rowen got another hat to keep her extra warm.

She likes it!

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