Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bad Day: Reminder note for Momma....

Yesterday was a hard day for me...

 I'm not really sure why exactly, but I felt so overwhelemed by everything.  If it were allowed, I would have just stayed in bed and hid under the covers with the Rowen Baby.  Look how cute this Baby is... can you blame me for wanting to snuggle her all day ???

I'm not sure why the day hit me so hard yesterday....

Maybe it was because I didn't nap when Rowen did.  And she's only been taking 30 - 40 minute naps these past few days.  This means only an hour or so of down time all day.  

As soon as she's out and asleep  I'm like "GO!  Use your time wisely.... what to do first????? Throw in the laundry/get laundry out of the dryer... do the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink... make a grocery list (we pretty much needed everything, so my list should have just read: "everything. ALL the food")...  eat something? (haha yeah right)... return some emails? go to the bathroom?"
Lowell was out teaching and playing gigs almost the entire day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday... so add this to having to be "on" and in Mommy mode all day and juggling laundry, dishes, cleaning up after my messy freakin' cats, running to the store to buy Rowen her organic produce and cooking it for her, going to the stupid post office and waiting in line to pick up our package that was supposed to be delivered to the door....
and still trying to straighten up after our furniture re-arranging....
AND oh yeah, my cellphone being on the fritz...

So yeah, I had a bad day yesterday.  
I just felt so tired, exhausted, overwhelmed and cut off from the World.  
But then when Rowen went to bed nicely at 7:45pm sharp and I finally just sat down and watched her sleep.... I was reminded that it was going to be okay.  Vacuuming could wait.  Folding the massive pile of laundry could wait (for a little while at least....until I needed to go to bed, sigh).  Dishes could wait.  

I need to remind myself not to lose perspective and not to let it bother me so much when groceries run low and the apartment is messy.  All that can be fixed.  And it's okay to feel crappy sometimes but to remember to snap out of it!

The most important thing is keeping Rowen safe and happy.  
Happy Baby!

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  1. I feel that way almost every day! I can't wait until Damian starts taking naps and sleeping through! Miss you guys!


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