Thursday, September 27, 2012

High Park Zoo

Last week, we took a quick morning trip to the High Park Zoo.   I like High Park, it's rather gigantic compared to our usual park.  The Capybaras are my favourite animals there.

 Last time we were there, Rowen was still pretty teeny and had no idea what was happening.  Hehe, well, this time she was less teeny but still wasn't really sure what was happening.  She was definitely more interested in people with dogs on leashes than the animals behind the fences.

I didn't get a chance to take any animal photos.  So Lowell took some for me.  He had to zoom in quite a bit so excuse the poor photo quality!
Baby capybaras!  There were 3 of them.

Mama Capybara (or maybe Daddy Capybara?)

Momma's little Koala Baby!

Rowen got sleepy towards the end of the visit and zonked out as soon as we were back in the car.  

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