Friday, September 7, 2012

Rowen Swims!

My amazing Momma friend Jenn gave Rowen a little inflatable wading pool.  Seeing that our apartment has about 30 square feet of concrete outdoor space (three stories up, with no plumbing and overlooking a busy city street and train tracks, no less!), we brought it to Lowell's parents house.  They have a beautiful and very, very large house with alovely  backyard, front yard and hot tub in the side yard, etc.  In short, it's much more wading pool friendly!

This is what we did today.  We took a lot of photos (these are just a few of the ones on my phone) :

Time to apply the hat and sunscreen!
Rowen picked out her own bathing suit early in the summer and now in September, we are finally getting it wet!

The pool!  It came with an indoor "ball pool" option, so we added a few of those in as well.

We're still not sure what creature he's supposed to be.  Some sorta fanged frog or toothless alligator or a nightmare inducing snake is my best guess....

Naturally, Rowen is unfazed!  

Honing in on her target... the elusive yellow ball!

Those things are tricky for little hands to grab!!

Chillaxin', no biggie.  Her little body kept floating up when she'd sit back, it was freakin' adorable.

Starting to get a bit frustrated at how difficult it was to hold onto those slippery plastic balls....  We fished her out and wrapped her in her cuddly shark towel before she got upset.

Seriously, how awesome is that suit? I wish I could pull off neon hearts on white!

Rowen had a great time splashing around and floating.  At one point she was she laying back, her legs would float up up up and she'd throw feet over her head.  I'm sure this goes without saying, but yeah, it was pretty cute.  She was pretty pooped and took a good snooze when it was all over and she was cleaned, dried, lotioned and dressed.  Thank-you Uncle Leland and Auntie Kellie for working hard to inflate and fill the frogator for the Rowen Baby!

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