Saturday, September 1, 2012

Diaper Bag Envy?

I think I use the term "lusting after" way too often.  Remember when I was "lusting after" the Bugaboo?  Well, here I am lusting after an extravagant baby item again.  Call me vain, but I just kinda hate the shiny synthetic, bulky, goofy-printed blatantly diaper baggy diaper bags.  And hey, this is something you have to tote around everywhere like a purse.... why shouldn't it be comfortable and pretty?  

I've been on the hunt for a diaper bag that doesn't look like a diaper bag. They certainly do exist but definitely not in a reasonable price range.  Everything within the realm of reason in our price range is kinda, well, butt ugly.  (*cough* Sorry SkipHopJJCole *cough*) Now why not just use a regular purse with a change pad, you ask?  I thought that would work too but having multiple compartments and a  specific spot for diapers turns out to be pretty crucial.  But having too many compartments can be a big ol' hassle too!  

Finding the "perfect" bag seems near impossible.  It seems that functionality, aesthetics and affordability do not want to team up when it comes to diaper bags. 

Why does every "non-diaper bag" looking diaper bag that I fall in love with have to be so darn expensive??  

I'm not rich or a celebrity here but I would love to be one for a day just to get my hands on one of these bad boys.... Or maybe I'll just eventually save and justify the splurge.  Eep!  :)

Behold Friends, my favourite functional and non-diaper bag looking diaper bags!

Stevie Diaper Bag by Kate Spade ($398 US)

or also in Key Lime Cream
Actually, all of the Cake bag styles are great.  

Hayley in Mushroom Brown by Timi & Leslie ($169 US)

Oh my goodness.  Stop being so materialistic, right?  It's okay though, it's nice to look at pretty things for fun sometimes! :D

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