Friday, August 31, 2012

The Rowen on the bus

Yesterday, we went on a short bus ride home from the mall.  We walked there, but ever since I hurt my back last weekend (eugh, don't even want to talk about it) my neck and back still doesn't feel quite right.  The idea of walking home made me very cranky, so onto the dirty Dufferin Bus it was!  

Rowen's been on the bus and streetcar quite a few times in her life, so she's an old pro by now.  She likes to check out the lit up ads and smile at strangers.  On this trip, she kept smiling at the people sitting next to us and couldn't get enough when they were responding to her, calling her "Cute baby" and smiling and waving hello to her.  She just loved it!  And then when they went back to their own conversation, she just didn't understand. She kept leaning waaaay over, eavesdropping and smiling at them, trying to get their attention again.  It was pretty funny.  

Lowell and I were old news, but she did manage to pose for a few photos for us.

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