Saturday, August 25, 2012

... perfection!

I'm sure most Mommas think that their Baby is perfect.  I know most of the time, I do.  But to be clear, just because I only ever share photos of her being adorably smiley and stories of her being amazing and sleeping through the night at 2 months, it doesn't mean that everything is always dandy.  Although... 98% of the time, things are pretty dandy!

I suppose it is because we're so used to such a well behaved Baby, the "bad" days and/or nights seem magnified. Nights like last night where she woke up every hour and a half to two hours (or less...eep) and days like today where was clingy and fussy and refused to let me leave her sight like, ALL DAY are hard.  My neck and shoulders are aching from wearing Miss Baby in the Ergo for at least 5 hours total while she napped or snuggled and I did attempted to do housework.  I don't think I anticipated just how mentally taxing it is to spend the entire day alone with Baby...the older she gets, the more attention she demands with singing and reading and talking.  Sometimes on her fussy days where she wants to nurse for hours and be held constantly, I find myself whining or wishing that she'd  just let me put her down so I could just have some space!  But then I step back and remind myself that she won't always be this little and snuggly and fit in my arms and infatuated by EVERYTHING I say and do... and everything is okay- the exhaustion and sore muscles and frustration disappears.  I love hugging her little body and singing ridiculous songs to get a smile.  I love her new thing of attempting to give kisses by gently cupping my cheeks in her little hands and open-mouth slurping my lips.  I think there is no such thing as a "perfect" Baby, but there certainly are perfect moments....

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