Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photos: Rowen meets Momma's old pals... a rambly entry!

I've completely lost track of what day of the week I usually post these on!

Rowen has been eating solid foods for a week and a half or so.  Remember when I overshared to everyone about baby poop?  Well, Rowen is still holding her poops for a few days at a time as she transitions from being exclusively mild fed.

Yesterday, the first substantial semi-solid poop arrived and it was, well, traumatizing for both of us.  No more nacho cheese poop, this stuff was almost the real thing.   I never thought that so much poop could some out of this little Baby.  SO MUCH POO.  After I took her initial poopy diaper off,  she pushed and pooped for almost another 20 minutes while I cleaned up in horror.  When it was all over, poor little Miss Baby was flushed, exhausted and wanting snuggles.  We both took a nap afterwards.  Then she pooped herself during the nap, which has never happened before.  Poor Baby.  She's going to be really happy about this post if she ever reads this when she grows up.

How can a Baby THIS cute much poop?

Last Saturday, Rowen and I tagged along with The Heavyweights to the Markham Jazz Festival!  I had not hung out in Markham (where I went to High School) in many, many years!
We met up with Shannon, who I had not seen in quite a few years.  Shannon pointed out that we look very grown up in this picture.  Something about Babies and  "Mama hands" will do that, I suppose!  :)

Shannon and I used to be super close to the point that her house was literally my second home the summer that we were 16.  Oh if only we could show this photo to our teenaged, Taco Bell sharing,  Gurlpages website making selves!

We also met up with Annie's Family!  Little Benny kept trying to pick Rowen's hairclip off her head.  

It was really cute.

Rowen gave Paul a stare down for the first 10 minutes after he got in the car.  It's amusing because she's normally so smiley.  After the stare down was over though, she resumed smiling at him.

A weekend for childhood friends!!  That following Sunday, Rowen met her Uncle Jason and Auntie Lindsay for the first time!  Jason is another friend of mine from High School who had not met Rowen yet.   I had not seen them since just before Rowen was born.   Jason and Lindsay are getting married this weekend in Halifax.... Congratulations, You guys!  I wish we could be there!  

 Hey Friends, let's quit being so adult already and go hang out with our Babies and Spouses at "Centennial" or the mall food court sometime right?

Rowen likes paper bags.  Yeah yeah yeah, call us bad parents but sometimes Lowell and I will let her play with one for fun or as a "secret weapon" when we're eating in restaurants or trying to get something done.  It's probably not ideal but she reeeeeally likes them, so shut up.

There is some crazy cool graffiti happening at the train tracks at Queen and Gladstone/Sudbury.  It looks "the man" has finally given up on trying to white it out because literally every night after they'd paint over the graffiti, it'd all be back by the morning.  

Personally, I kinda like it.  And so do these cats!

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