Thursday, August 16, 2012

Photos: These past few weeks... catch up!

 I am waaaaaay behind on my usual "this week" photo updates.  
This is more of a "these past 2 weeks" type thing.

Oh my goodness... Rowen turned 6 months!  She started eating solids and can stand on her own (when supported of course)... though, she still refuses to sit.  So when she tumbles down from standing, she takes a quick pit stop on her bum and then flops down flat on her back.  Her Jolly Jumper is still her most favourite activity...though she does love her new daily snacktime.

Hey dudes... my hair that fell out is growing back.  It's a bit lighter!  The existing Rohawk is growing ever long and wavier

Meghan got married!  
It was a beautiful day.  Hot and humid and beautiful!
Maid of Honor Ange and I before the ceremony here....  my flash tape was already starting to melt and shift around in most unflattering ways. :P  

I was originally going to wear a different dress purchased two years ago but it wouldn't zip up waaaah.  

We/I are/am obsessed with Banh Mi Boys.  The food is so so so good

Also Yougurty's.  It's so fun.

Aforementioned standing almost on her own!


How cute is this little Lady Baby right?  This was after her first few bites of apple puree.  Her tongue went crazy.  It was the best thing ever!

Oh, we also finally got our home Internet set up.  They threw in free cable.  I watched 4 hours of So You Think You Can Dance after the Baby went to sleep last night.  Oh man.....

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