Monday, September 3, 2012

Annie is coming home!

It's official!  My bestest friend Annie is moving back to Toronto!

Annie has been living her dream to move to NYC, which is completely amazing and I'm so proud of her for being so cool and sucessful down there!  But man I've missed her these past few years...even though we Google chat pretty much well, like, every day.  We used to spend a whole lot of time together before she moved away so every day things felt different.  

I'm sure Annie won't like me posting all kinds of embarassing/hilarious photos from over the years, but here are some of my favourites that I've dug up:
My 24th Birthday at Niagara Falls

22 year old BABIES in our old Harbourfront apartment!  

Happy New Year!

All dressed up at a wedding last summer.  I was wearing an elastic waisted make-shift maternity dress, tossin' back the gingerales oh lordy.

Getting pregnant last summer and having a Baby this year was definitely a major time in my life that I did miss having my best friend here with me.  But she helped plan and came back to help throw us an awesome Baby Shower with Jody.  Obviously I had a so many awesome friends who were amazing and supportive throughout the pregnancy and are loving "Aunties" and "Uncles" to Rowen now.  

I am super excited for Rowen to get to know her Auntie Annie though!

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