Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Random Momma things

Random weird things about me as a Momma:

I've never shared this stuff with anyone!

  • I trim Rowen's nail almost every other day.  I kinda love it.  I'm obsessed with trying to keep them filed and neat.  I find it so rewarding that at almost 7 months, she's finally able to deal with having her nails done when she is awake!  I've taught her to accept having (most of) her nails done in one sitting, just like I did my kittehs!  Yeah!
  • I'm afraid of her soft spot.  I love my Baby more than anything in the World.  Her cuteness blows my mind and I'm pretty sure she is the best baby in the Universe... but MAN OH MAN the soft spot still grosses me out.  Baby's soft spots have ALWAYS grossed me out over the years, ever since I was shown what they are when my baby cousins were born.  I thought with my Baby it would change, but nope.  Nope!  The soft spot?  Freaks me out!  I just can't look at it.
  • I have forgotten to give Rowen her Baby D (vitamin D) drops on some days.  I feel bad about this...
  • I've held the Baby when I've had to pee.  Don't judge me.  99% of the time, if I have to go when she is awake, I'll bring her chair or carseat or stroller and park it outside of the bathroom.  This is fine if she's happy.  But if she's feeling fussy of clingy?  Then I have to fiddle around and try to strap a wiggling Baby in, find her a toy to amuse herself with and then by that time, I've peed my pants.  So yes,  I just hold her "koala style" onto me and hang onto her with my left arm which leaves my right arm free.  Yeah.
  • I stopped wearing my rings after Rowen was born, because I was all paranoid about scratching or hurting her with them.  I wore them up until the day she was born, luckily I didn't have to deal with swollen fingers or anything like that while pregnant.  Then someone pointed out to me the other day that married ladies don't take off their engagement rings and wedding bands.  But now I've gotten to not having them on.  Oh well.

Nerd alert!  Matching shoes!  I used to let me Mom buy us matching stuff too until it wasn't "cool" anymore.  So I gotta start early right?

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