Friday, September 21, 2012

Rowen Bedhead

Rowen was born with a whole lot of hair.  When she was around 3 months old, it started to thin out a bit...but even still, she still had a whole lotta hair.  I like to call her hairstyle the "Rohawk" as it kinda fans across her head from ear to ear like a sideways mohawk.  Her hair is getting longer and longer now and requires frequent combing and brushing because it occasionally still has the tendency to stand  straight up.  

Example of typical Rowen Bedhead

Every morning, when I think that her mad scientist-esque bedhead could not possibly be more epic....
She surprises me!  Enter this morning's bedhead:
(sweaty baby bedhead, lounging in the big bed)

(Sitting in her highchair.  Patiently reading a book while awaiting her breakfast)

(Rowen is learning lazy "can't get out of bed" behaviour from us.  I don't know if this is good or bad yet.)



We took a Family trip to the High Park Zoo this morning.  Photos to come later.  Can you believe that today was the last full day of Summer?

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