Friday, September 7, 2012

Photos: We spend a lot of time at the park...

We've been hanging out a lot at the park these past few days...  

I LOVE Trinity-Bellwoods park and I will be sad if we have to move out of the neighbourhood when our lease is up in the tiny apartment this January.  (Sidenote: It's pretty amusing bringing my adorable Baby almost every day to the very same park that I used to be er, intoxicated in frequently in my more youthful days.)

The BEST soy latte in the city, for realz.  
I enjoyed my White Squirrel latte along with my a muffin while the Baby slept... which meant no rushing and shoving huge bites in my mouth or taking quick stealth bites to avoid little hands trying to grab my food!!

Another day, another park hang... practicing our sitting and Android skills

I baked Pirate cheesecakes.

Another day, another Family Dim Sum trip.  
Lowell: Do you have any change to leave for a tip?
Rowen: Hang on, let me check my purse Daddy.

Another day, another delicious "bao" from Banh Mi Boys.
I'm currently still obsessed with Banh Mi Boys!
BEST sandwiches (Vietnamese or otherwise)  in the Universe, no doubt about it!

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