Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Burger lunch

I had a strange craving for a burger yesterday.  (Strange because I generally don't eat beef).  I knew that I wanted a nice, quality burger.  Not a teeny, greasy bacon jr. from you know where.  I also didn't feel like trekking around since the weather was yucky, so we went for a family lunch at The Gladstone Hotel across the street.  Conveniently, it is the closest place that has a nice burger AND the closest restaurant to our apartment.  Kinda awesome that even though it was thunderstormy, we didn't need umbrellas because we live thatclose.
Mah burger 

Keeping the Rowen entertained.  She enjoys self-portrait time on our phones.

.  She was generally quite well behaved!  We were able to eat our food at a normal pace, without rushing and she only had a few outbursts of loud babbling.  It's funny... when we are at home, in the car, at the park, she has a very cutesy mellow voice.  And when we go to some places where LOUD BABY voice isn't as appropriate, i.e: quiet restaurants, the grocery store... she'll use her LOUD BABY voice.

She's so cute she can get away with quite a few loud babbling outbursts in pubic.  People don't seem to mind too much!

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