Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photos: This week....Ladies Brunch, Kimchi Fries, sneak peak zoo pics

Guess what, Friends?

Annie has officially moved back to Toronto!  Yay!  So to celebrate, a Ladies Brunch was in order!  
Rowen came along and of course, she demands her own seat at the table now.  (Remember her first brunch? ) And of course, she was very well-behaved.  No fussing or crying, but she did have a few fits of loud giggling and squeals!  (And one bout of biting Auntie Angela's face.)

My brunch plate and fresh scone from  l'ouvrier.  

The food was delicious and the setting was of a mild to medium level of fanciness.  Rowen was the only child there the entire time but they did have a fancy little highchair on hand, so it wasn't a totally "no kids allowed" sort of setting... but it definitely was not a "rowdy kids running around with no shoes/crying baby/mamas nursing openly" setting. Situations like this make me so grateful that my Baby is awesome, calm and cooool.

Kitty cat shopkeeper at the little boutqiue next to l'ouvrier.  I love her.

Calm cool Baby fell asleep after Ladies Brunch.  Our chatting got toooo boring for her.  I love her!

Went to Banh Mi Boys with Annie the night before.  Her first kimchi fries!
Banh Mi Boys is so good and if I could eat there every single day, I would!  

We went to the High Park Zoo earlier that day.  A longer High Park Zoo blog entry is on the way!  (I just need to get some of Lowell's photos.)

She loves making this face!

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  1. beautiful baby girl! and I just have to tell you, we just found 5 kittens under our back deck. I have no idea how long they have been living there!!


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