Sunday, January 22, 2012

37 weeks: last weekend shift at work

37 weeks! My last Sunday at work (I still work short shifts this coming week though)! The belly is fairly gigantic and attracts a lot of comments. It's funny because when I'm lying down at the Doctor's, the belly technically is "measuring small" but when I stand up, it looks huuuge because the Kittenheart has lodged herself in a "head down, butt sticking straight out, feet against my guts" position. There is a tiny baby butt sticking straight out at all times.

On Sundays, I work from 8am till about 5:30 or 6pm at the Yoga studio. It's a long day at the best of times. Even longer as I get more and more pregnant and now SUPER LONG today when I'm full-term pregnant (yay!) but sick with a terrible cold (not yay!) ...

Things that are amusing and help the day go by:

Shocking people with my giant belly when I come around the counter. I don't think I generally seem that pregnant from the boobs up, so people often can't tell that I'm pregnant at first glance. I don't have much of a waddle until the end of the day when my lower back/sciatic flares up and I go from being normal limber to barely able to move.

Snacks. So many snacks.

Discovering what kind of random lunch/snacks that Lowell packs for me. Example, today I went into bag that he packed for me and discovered a yogurt, a spoon, a whole apple zipped into its own ziplock (? lol) and a ziplock full of Fudgee-Os. I'll probably have to venture downstairs for actual lunch.



  1. Wow, I can't imagine when my belly becomes that size! Looking great!

    1. It kinda sneaks up on you, Katelyn! I remember thinking "Oh my god there is NO WAY I can get possibly get any bigger" many times over the past few months... The belly skin is an amazing stretchy creature.

    2. Hey Katelyn!! You've surpassed this now!! Yay!

      Okay, I stop spamming you and your Bump now! :)


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