Wednesday, January 4, 2012

first random updates of 2012!

Happy New Year!

Random updates.....

Had a check-up today. Up 2lbs from two weeks ago, which is a good amount apparently. Yay for a growing Kittenheart and not my fat butt ! Apparently her kittenhead is nice and upside down in the pelvis now, which is good for everyone except for my bladder and lazy aching back at night time.

My newest craving is not for a particular food or drink... I WANT SO BADLY TO COMFORTABLY BE ABLE TO LIE ON MY STOMACH. And also to put my body into a full wheel pose ( Essentially like doing a "bridge" when you were a kid) and proper upward dog in yoga.

Eileen recently peed on my favourite knee-high leather boots. Boots that took me well over 6 years to find!!! And she also peed on my purple purse. I told her that I wasn't speaking to her and that she wasn't welcome in the bed last night. She somehow understood as she didn't sleep in the bed on her baby for the first time in like, 30 weeks. See, she's smart and understands English. But dumb and likes to pee on things even when nothing is medically wrong with her.

I think I will spurlge and finally purchase a maternity coat. I've been spoiled and it hasn't been cold in T.O..... until this past week. I'm sick of busting my zipper open or feeling like I'm suffocating if I put on too many layers underneath the coat.

New Year's Resolutions? Don't got any yet, but I'll keep you all posted!

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