Thursday, June 21, 2012

The White Squirrel and Angela Brings Comfort Food

Today was Day 6 of "Momma's Temporary Single Parenthood While Daddy's on Tour".  It was a bit of a tough day as I received some sad news from my Family the night before just as I was headed to bed.  By the time I finally fell asleep, it was exactly the time that Rowen decided to wake up.

But, alas, being Momma to this beautiful little human certainly gives me seemingly super human strength some days.  No matter how tired or mad or sad, this face just makes it okay.

Momma put this funny pink romper on me.  It's so FUNNY!
This gal is my cure-all.

We decided to go for a walk before the crazy heat and humidity (oh the HUMIDITY) set in.  Momma needed a caffeine fix, so we set off for The Squirrel

The White Squirrel Coffee Shop is probably one of my favourites in the city.  It has a great vibe to it... I can't quite put my finger on how to describe it.  It's somehow both sparse and airy yet cozy and homey...if those things could be combined.  I remember going there on a wet winter day for the opening day... and for a good while, I was literally going every single day before work to grab an Americano and a muffin.  Conveniently, it was exactly in the middle of my former 90-second commute to work.  Anyway, my favourite is when the owner is there to make my drink.  And he was today! 

Also, the Squirrel has a feature that I never full appreciated until now.  They have this awesome walk-up window so you can order from the sidewalk and get your coffee (or ice cream!!) without going inside.  Every other coffee shop I can think of in my neighbourhood has a step out front and/or a door that opens outwards.  This makes maneuvering through the doors with a stroller difficult.  Factor in the possibility of having a full hot beverage on the way out and most times, I opt to just skip going in completely if I'm alone.  The window is great for stroller and dog peeps.  As well as smokers, as David the owner pointed out to me today.  I suppose smokers can use the lovely window as well.

The walk to The Squirrel marked my first real walk with Rowen in the Bugaboo.  And man oh MAN, I am in love.  Words... cannot describe what a WORLD of difference this is.  Actually, I lie and up next will be my entry entitled "Stroller Envy Begone - We Are Now Proud Bugaboo Owners, what!!" in which I will use words to describe how marvelous the Cameleon is.

Be still, my heart.

The day continued to get happier when Angela and Cory came by with provisions and open arms for Miss Baby!  Pot pie, Mac n Cheese and cupcakes.  Perfect foods!  Ange, how did you know that all I had eaten all day was a handful of cherry tomatoes at 5am and then a banana muffin with my soy latte?

So now, I suppose we've survived Day 6.  Lowell sent Rowen a video from the van, on the highway somewhere around Medicine Hat apparently.  She liked it and is now fast asleep and I might have to follow her lead very shortly.

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